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Carve Snowboarding Coming To Oculus Quest From 1080° Creator

Carve Snowboarding Coming To Oculus Quest From 1080° Creator

Facebook revealed a new snowboarding game is coming to Oculus Quest with the announcement of Carve Snowboarding.

The game was revealed in the first-ever Oculus Gaming Showcase with an announcement trailer providing a glimpse of some of the mechanics and downhill gameplay. The footage of Carve Snowboarding also reveals you can pet the dog, which is very important to many of our readers.

The game comes from Chuhai Labs with 1080° Snowboarding creator Giles Goddard on-board for this VR take on one of the classics of the Nintendo 64 era. I was more of an SSX kid myself, but 1080° Snowboarding came out a couple years earlier — in 1998 — and helped define the extreme sports genre. It is well-loved by plenty of gamers out there and definitely fills a hole in Quest’s lineup for more sports games.

We’re extremely curious to see how it handles in VR where, obviously, intense simulated motion like carving up a downhill slope at high speed could be at odds with some player’s stomachs. Still, plenty of VR gamers have very strong stomachs and a high-intensity sports game might be exactly what they’re looking to play on Quest.

Check out the first look at Carve Snowboarding in the announcement trailer here:

There’s no announced release date mentioned by Facebook yet but we’re interested to learn more. We’ll bring the latest information to you about Carve Snowboarding as soon as we have it.

Are you looking forward to snowboarding on Oculus Quest? How much time do you expect to spend petting the dog? Let us know in the comments below.

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