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Capcom: No Current Plans For Mercenaries Mode Or Village DLC On PSVR 2

Capcom: No Current Plans For Mercenaries Mode Or Village DLC On PSVR 2

In an upcoming Q&A, Resident Evil Village VR Mode Director Kazuhiro Takahara told UploadVR that “at this time” the studio has no plans to bring the Resident Evil Village DLC content or The Mercenaries mode to PSVR 2.

Resident Evil Village released its new VR Mode as part of PlayStation VR2’s launch lineup last month and we absolutely loved it, praising it as a stunning and engaging horror shooter for Sony’s new headset. Village originally released for PS5 and other flatscreen platforms in 2021. Post-launch, Capcom released a version of the Resident Evil series’ staple arcade minigame mode The Mercenaries for Village, as well the Winters’ Expansion, which included a short DLC story expansion set after the main campaign called Shadows of Rose.

Although Village’s VR mode launched for PSVR 2 last month as a free extension of the existing PS5 release, it didn’t include PSVR 2 support for those post-launch additions and DLC expansions.

We asked Capcom’s Kazuhiro Takahara, Director on Resident Evil Village VR Mode, whether there were plans to add support for this content on PSVR 2. Kazuhiro Takahara simply responded “We do not have any plans at this time.”

While that’s a shame to hear, it also doesn’t mean completely rule out an announcement in the future. While not handled by Capcom, the Quest release of Resident Evil 4 VR from Armature Studio on Quest also initially launched in 2021 without Mercenaries mode, only to be revealed as a free update in 2022. Let’s hope Capcom is just keep quiet on a similar surprise reveal later down the line for Village.

Keep an eye out for our full Q&A with Kazuhiro Takahara tomorrow, where we discuss the challenges of bringing Resident Evil Village to PSVR 2 and much more.

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