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Capcom: “Large Majority” Of PSVR 2 Users Have Tried Resident Evil Village In VR Mode

Capcom: “Large Majority” Of PSVR 2 Users Have Tried Resident Evil Village In VR Mode

Resident Evil Village VR Mode Director Kazuhiro Takahara told UploadVR that a “very large majority” of PSVR 2 owners have tried out Resident Evil Village in VR mode.

In a snippet from an upcoming Q&A to be published this weekend, we asked Capcom’s Kazuhiro Takahara, Director on Resident Evil Village VR mode, if he could share any indication of how successful the game’s VR mode has been or how many PlayStation VR2 players have tried out the mode since launch.

“I can’t share exact numbers,” said Takahara, “but I have heard that a very large majority of PS VR2 owners have played Resident Evil Village in VR.”

This tracks with what you might expect, given that Village was one of the headset’s most high-profile launch games and an existing PS5 title that many new PSVR 2 users might have already owned before getting the headset. That said, there’s also no indication of how long those users played for – it’s unlikely they all finished the campaign and many might have just tried it out in VR mode for an hour or two.

Yesterday, analyst firm IDC (International Data Corporation) told that Bloomberg that Sony is “likely” to have sold only around 270,000 PSVR 2 units between launch and the end of March. That said, we also posed the question of whether Sony is just getting started with PSVR 2.

Headset sales aside, PSVR 2 released with a pretty strong launch lineup and Resident Evil Village was among our top picks. In our review, we called it a stunning and engaging horror shooter, praising the clever adjustments made to translate the game to VR and its satisfying gunplay.

Keep an eye out for our full Q&A with Kazuhiro Takahara later this weekend, where we discuss the challenges of developing Village’s VR Mode, future plans for the series in VR and more.

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