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Multiplayer Shooters Are Taking The Leap Into Virtual Reality

Multiplayer Shooters Are Taking The Leap Into Virtual Reality

Multiplayer shooters are one of – if not the -most popular gaming genres of all time. The Call of Duty franchise alone has raked in over $11 billion (with a “b”) in lifetime revenue.

When Golden Eye debuted on the Nintendo 64 in 1997 we were all introduced to the special magic of gunning your friends down and then immediately denying any “screen cheating.”

Split screen multiplayer has been replaced, for the most part, by online death matches, but that magic is still in the air. The popularity of multiplayer shooters has persisted from console generation to console generation; taking each technological leap in stride and continuing to turn massive profits.

Now, this genre is facing what could be its toughest transition yet: the leap into the virtual world. VR uses unique hardware that has the potential to either make the most amazing shooters you’ve ever played, or make you hurl your lunch into a bucket.

On this week’s episode of The UploadVR GameCast David and I sit down with James Chung – CEO of Reload Studios (World War Toons); a man perfectly qualified to answer the question: can multiplayer shooters be successful in virtual reality.

GameCast Ep. 7: Shooters In VR

Two things I need to say right at the top. The first is that: WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY ON ITUNES! It’s been a journey but thank you all for sticking with us. We’re also on Google Play so you can start getting the podcast on your phone every week regardless of your OS allegiance by following these links.

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The second thing you need to know is that David is back! He finally got sick of all that natural beauty and wide open space in Hawaii and decided to come back here and strap two screens to his face eight hours a day. Good choice buddy glad to have you back.

This week’s episode features:

-Some really fantastic insights from the very talented James Chung: CEO of Reload Studios. This guy knows what he’s talking about.

-A discussion on whether or not VR is “better” than traditional video game consoles.

-A detailed analysis on what exactly makes FPS games difficult in VR, and what exactly makes them better.

Thanks again for listening and please remember to tweet at myself, or David with questions for next time or email them to

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