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Camouflaj Working On Batman VR For Quest, According To FTC

Camouflaj Working On Batman VR For Quest, According To FTC

According to Federal Trade Commission court documents spotted by Janko Roettgers, Camouflaj is working on a Batman VR game for Quest headsets.

Camouflaj is the studio behind Iron Man VR, which launched as a PSVR exclusive title in 2020. Last month at Connect, Meta announced that it had acquired Camouflaj and that Iron Man VR would subsequently release on Quest 2 in November.

The court documents spotted by Roettgers can be viewed here. In the ‘FTC’s Proposed Findings Of Fact’, one section details Meta’s acquisitions over the last few years and on page six, the document notes the Camouflaj acquisition and reveals what the studio is working on next:

“In September 2022, Meta acquired Camouflaj, which currently [sic] developing Ironman and Batman VR apps for Quest.”

Based on positions advertised in the middle of 2021, we already knew that Camouflaj was working on “a new AAA project.” However, these court documents confirm that the next project will stick with a superhero theme, crossing over from Marvel into DC Comics territory.

Iron Man VR is an amazing VR experience that truly lets you embody Tony Stark and control his iconic suit of armor. Given how well Camouflaj translated the character into VR while also telling a compelling and original story, a Batman VR game with a similar level of care is sure to be a delight for Quest users.

However, this won’t be Batman’s first foray into VR. Many fans will be familiar with the Batman: Arkham VR release from 2016, which wasn’t terrible but also felt more like a tech demo than a fully realized game. There was also a Batman VR skydiving experience in 2019 and the shoddy Batman VRSE experience in 2017.

Here’s hoping that Camouflaj delivers an authentic and thrilling Batman VR experience on Quest headsets soon. You can read our full review of Camouflaj’s latest release, Iron Man VR on Quest 2, here.

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