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Take a Look at This 'Call of Duty: Jackal Assault' VR Mission Gameplay Footage

Take a Look at This 'Call of Duty: Jackal Assault' VR Mission Gameplay Footage

Call of Duty is still, even in 2016, one of the premiere gaming franchises. Each and every year, a new entry in the long-running series takes the industry by storm, selling millions of copies in a matter of days. This year is poised to be no different with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare releasing soon on all major gaming platforms.

As a a bit of a surprise, Activision also announced that the Jackal Assault VR mission they debuted at the Call of Duty XP event would be available as a free download for all PS VR owners that purchase a copy of Infinite Warfare on PS4. While it’s only a single demo mission, the fact that a major gaming company like Activision produced something at all for VR of that caliber is noteworthy. We went hands-on with it and came away quite impressed and didn’t notice any sickness like others are reporting.

Now, in the video above, you can see actual hands-on footage of people playing the Jackal Assault VR mission at the XP event. You’ll notice the detailed cockpits and immersive atmosphere that was created for the event, showcasing an extreme attention to detail.

call of duty jackal vr featured image

In the video, we interviewed Daniel Suarez, who is the Vice President of Production on the Call of Duty series.

“VR is new, so it takes a lot of patience to see how far we can push this,” says Suarez. Our focus has really been on trying to make it feel like you are in the atmosphere. I think there is a desire and curiosity of ‘What can we do here?’ And once you put on a VR headset, the immersion, the depth, and the ‘Where can I go?’ is really still open today. And I think we’re really at that pinnacle of where things are just starting.”

The PlayStation VR headset releases next month on October 13th while Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare releases on November 4th. This Jackal Assault VR mission will be available as a free download for owners of Infinite Warfare on PS4. For more information about the VR mission, read our full hands-on preview.

Video Footage and Interview Credit: John Gaudiosi

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