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Budget Cuts Ultimate Lines Up A September Release On PC VR

Budget Cuts Ultimate

Budget Cuts Ultimate brings both of the franchise's games together into one seamless release on PC VR this September.

Announced today during the Upload VR Summer Showcase, Budget Cuts Ultimate will release on PC VR on September 7 after releasing earlier this month for Quest 2 and PSVR 2. Budget Cuts Ultimate marks the first time that Budget Cuts and Budgets Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency are available on Quest, and the first time that Mission Insolvency is available on any PSVR headset.


However, both Budget Cuts and Budget Cuts 2 originally released for PC VR platforms (and remain available for purchase). So while this Ultimate release isn't exactly new content for some players, it will combine both games into one on PC VR.

Players can run through all 13 levels of both games' main stories in one go, tallying up to about 10 hours of gameplay. For any PC VR players who've yet to experience either Budget Cuts release, the Ultimate edition is likely to be the best option come September.

We asked Neat Corp whether players who already own one or both Budget Cut releases on PC VR will be able to access Ultimate at a discount or free of charge, as well as inquiring whether Ultimate includes any new features, advantages or upgrades compared to the original release. We'll provide an update if we receive a response and expect our full Ultimate review later this week.

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