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Watch Budget Cuts 2 Launch Trailer Ahead Of December 12 Release

Watch Budget Cuts 2 Launch Trailer Ahead Of December 12 Release

Earlier today, we debuted the launch trailer for Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency as part of our first ever Holiday VR Showcase. The new trailer shows off some new gameplay and footage from Neat Corporation and Fast Travel Games’ highly-anticipated sequel.

Scheduled for release on December 12, just two weeks away, Budget Cuts 2 will continue on from the first game’s cliffhanger, but with new weapons and mechanics to boot. The most prominent new mechanic is the addition of the bow and arrow weapon, which you can see in the launch trailer above.

The first Budget Cuts game spent two years in development, but was a bit of a mixed bag upon launch. However, with the sequel, the developers are looking to build upon the foundation of the first game, therefore cutting down on development time and also hopefully improving some of those minor gripes we had with the first game, as per our review. If the pre-alpha build that Jamie went hands-on with back in June is anything to go by, it looks like this will be the case.  “In the hour I’ve played, I’ve found a game free of the frustrations of the first, one that finally let me embrace the joys of the mechanics Neat has been working on for so very long.”

The Budget Cuts 2 launch trailer was just one of many reveals and new footage we debuted in our Holiday VR Showcase earlier today. Be sure to catch the full video if you haven’t already, or check out some of the highlights. We went behind-the-scenes on the upcoming shooter Solaris from the developers of Firewall, debuted footage of Oculus Quest version of Ghost Giant, and got a first look at the upcoming Pistol Whip update, including a new level called ‘High Priestess’, among much more.

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