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Brushwork VR Bringing Native Studio App To Quest

Brushwork VR Bringing Native Studio App To Quest

Brushwork Studio is a painting app coming to Quest 2 headsets, developed as a native spin-off app from the WebXR Brushwork app that launched last year.

Back in May, we wrote about how Brushwork VR offered a free WebXR painting app in your headset’s browser, including Quest 2 and other PC VR headsets. Since then, the developers indicated that more than 250,000 people have used the application, spurring them to take the idea even further.

Enter Brushwork Studio, a native and standalone version of the experience developed for Quest headsets that expands on the experience and improves several core features.

Brushwork Studio - Paintings

A closed beta of Brushwork Studio is already in progress, which the developers say offers improved painting and natural color mixing, along with new options such as charcoal, spray paint and paint guns.

You’ll also be able to hang your creations up once you finish them, either in the studio space or in your own gallery, and you’ll be able to visit other people’s galleries as well.

There will also be support for passthrough mode, allowing you to place your easel and paint in your real life environment.

Brushwork Studio - Balcony

You’d be forgiven for thinking some of this sounds familiar — it’s a similar feature set to Vermillion, which releases this week on the Quest store. That being said, Vermillion focuses on emulating the real life oil painting, wet-on-wet process in VR, whereas Brushwork seems to be a bit less technical and more of a general painting app. It will be interesting to see where else the two apps differ when both are available.

There’s no strict release date for Brushwork Studio just yet, beyond a 2022 window. The developers say they have a few surprises in store and some further announcements will come ahead of the full release “in the coming months.”

To keep up with news and join the beta when available, check out the Brushwork discord server.

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