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Broken Edge Details 2023 Updates, The Viking Releases February 15

Broken Edge Details 2023 Updates, The Viking Releases February 15

Competitive multiplayer fantasy dueler Broken Edge detailed more content plans for 2023, as well as confirming a February 15 release for the next playable fighter, The Viking.

Broken Edge announced The Viking during our Upload VR Showcase last December, but only gave a tentative early 2023 release window. Now, we know that we’ll be able to get fighting as the viking in just two more weeks. The Viking offers some interesting options compared to the existing six classes, with the ability to dual wield axes as well as use a secondary sword and shield. You can check out some Viking gameplay in the trailer embedded above.

In a tweet announcing the Viking release date, developers Trebuchet also detailed plans for more content, including new arenas,  dropping across the year. On February 15, a new arena will release alongside the Viking and some other major fixes. That update will be followed by one with another new character and arena in the spring, along with a separate update adding blade customization after that. Another new character and arena will follow in the summer, as well as a system for ranked play.

We enjoyed Broken Edge on release, stating that it’s an “enjoyable 1v1 fighter that mostly strikes true.” You can read our full review here. Broken Edge is available now for Quest and PC VR.

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