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BricksVR Brings Multiplayer Building To Oculus Quest, PC VR In Early Access

BricksVR Brings Multiplayer Building To Oculus Quest, PC VR In Early Access

BricksVR brings multiplayer VR building to Oculus Quest and Rift in Early Access, allowing you and your friends to build models and worlds together out of a variety of different shaped bricks.

The game will launch into Early Access on Steam and App Lab at the of the month, priced at $14.99. The team expects to leave Early Access and go into full release around September of this year. While support is limited to just Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest headsets for now, the development team says they anticipate adding support for additional headsets in the future.

While it may not make the direct connection for obvious reasons, most people will recognize that BricksVR is lovingly inspired by popular construction toy LEGO.  BricksVR will hopefully bring the flexibility of LEGO bricks into a limitless VR environment. Not only does this make manipulating the environment much easier — videos show that you can resize yourself to whatever scale works best for your current focus — but it also allows you to build without worry of mess and with friends from anywhere around the world, without being physically together.


The game’s multiplayer supports up to 5 people playing at once, with “synchronized physics, spatial voice chat, and the ability to save your work.” There are also 50 different bricks to choose from (with the aim of expanding to over 200 after Early Access) with over 16 million color choices as well.

When you’re done building, you also have the option to send your model or world public, allowing others to check out your work. There’s a lock feature as well, ensuring that public visitors won’t be able to make any changes.

BricksVR goes into Early Access on June 30. It is available already on Quest via App Lab and will be available on PC VR from June 30 via Steam. You can wishlist the game here.

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