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Breachers Looks Like Rainbow Six Siege In VR

Breachers Looks Like Rainbow Six Siege In VR

Following on from Hyper Dash, Triangle Factory is back once again with Breachers, a tactical 5v5 VR shooter reminiscent of Rainbow Six Siege.

We’ve seen similar efforts to tackle the genre previously, such as with Firewall: Zero Hour, but Breachers takes a different approach. In an announcement trailer this week, we got a brief look at some Quest 2 gameplay that places greater emphasis on verticality, letting players climb up walls to infiltrate buildings. In another clip demonstrating loadouts, you can spot a selection of four sidearms, ten primary weapons and several other gadgets, including frag grenades.

There isn’t much else to glean from the trailer, though the official Breachers Discord reveals more. Within the FAQ, Triangle Factory states that it will support crossplay across “all major VR platforms.” Producer Jeroen Dessaux also confirmed support for seated gameplay, while an offline single-player mode with bots was also revealed. When questioned on bHaptics support, Dessaux replies that it’s “on the list,” but couldn’t reveal much more.


Breachers will launch on Meta Quest 2, PC VR, Vive and Pico platforms, but don’t expect to see it on Quest 1. Triangle Factory has ruled it out, stating “we need the extra power of the Quest 2 for this game”. As for PSVR 2? Dessaux says the team is “very interested in it,” but are currently prioritizing PC VR and standalone VR. 

There’s no pricing details or release date announced yet, though an open alpha is coming “near the end of this year”.

Will you be diving into the Breachers open alpha? Big fan of tactical shooters? Let us know in the comments below.

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