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3v3 VR Hero Brawler Brazen Blaze Begins Open Beta

3v3 VR Hero Brawler Brazen Blaze Begins Open Beta

Brazen Blaze, a melee-focused 3v3 VR multiplayer game, enters open beta today on Quest & Steam.

Developed by MyDearest (Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate), Brazen Blaze is a competitive VR action game focused on close-quarter melee combat and destructible environments. Inspired by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a personality-driven cast, open beta registrations are now live, letting you play until February 12, 2024. Here's some new footage.


Alongside the previously introduced characters - Riot, Legacy, and Skybolt, MyDearest confirmed this test introduces two newcomers. Velvet is described as a "speed-type character wielding a katana," while former war robot turned comedian Sunshine uses bombs as his primary weapon. Anyone who participates in the open beta will also receive "exclusive promotional items" like in-game currency.

Brazen Blaze open beta test road map

Brazen Blaze reaches the Meta Quest platform and Steam in 2024. Check out our hands-on impressions from last year's Tokyo Game Show to learn more.

Brazen Blaze Hands-On: Thrilling Character Brawler Zooms Into View
We’ve gone hands-on with MyDearest’s ‘smack and shoot’ 3v3 multiplayer brawler Brazen Blaze. Here are our impressions.

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