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Bow To Blood September Update Adds Easter Egg

Bow To Blood September Update Adds Easter Egg

PlayStation VR title Bow To Blood from Tribetoy will get its first free update adding a new race track and random event as well as more voice-over and bug fixes.

A new community event with the update will also offer a clue to a “hidden treasure” in the game and the first player to find it will work with Tribetoy to add their “own special mark to the game.”

We found Bow To Blood to be a great game and a likely sleeper hit on PSVR. You get control over a powerful airship aiming to become champion in a tournament against AI foes that are procedurally generated. The combination of ship management combined with strategizing around how to interact with other characters makes for an engaging combination and we’re curious to see how the game develops with this and future updates.

Take a look at our review linked above or check out the launch trailer below for an overview of Bow To Blood.


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