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Facebook 'Ramping Up' App Lab Team For Faster Submissions

Facebook 'Ramping Up' App Lab Team For Faster Submissions

Facebook’s Andrew Bosworth said that the team sorting through developer App Lab submissions currently consists of only three people, but the company will expand to get through them faster.

The small team is likely why App Lab submissions seem to be taking a while to be approved, given the large amount of interest and submissions from developers.

As Facebook’s Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality, Bosworth confirmed that it was only small team working on submissions in a response during his latest Instagram AMA on Wednesday. A user asked if the Oculus team was surprised at the level of submissions to App Lab, to which he replied:

“I don’t think we’ve been surprised, we’ve been delighted. It’s been high volume. We actually only have like a team of, I think right now, 3 people going through those submissions, because the store had a pretty low volume… so, we’re ramping that up. We have got plans to grow that team so we can actually get through those submissions faster.”

The implication seems to be that pre-App Lab, submissions to the official Oculus Store were pretty low at first (likely before launch) and didn’t require a huge team of people. Clearly that interest has grown, hence why Bosworth said they will be “ramping [the team] up.”

If you’re looking to get started with App Lab content, check out our guide on how to find and install App Lab apps.

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