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Borderlands 3 VR Has Been Talked About But 'Nothing Really Planned'

Borderlands 3 VR Has Been Talked About But 'Nothing Really Planned'

Borderlands 2 VR was one of 2018’s late surprises. It came out of seemingly nowhere and offered up one of the beefiest and most intense experiences the PSVR has seen yet. Despite axing co-op for this version, since release it’s gotten PS Aim Controller support and the promise of all past Borderlands 2 DLC coming over into the game, free of charge. We still don’t have a date for the PC VR version, but it’s certainly in the works we’d guess.

Now with the recent announcement of Borderlands 3, we’ve been waiting for news about a potential VR version once again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like it’s in the cards just yet.

In an interview with Daily Star, Kate Pistick, Mission Designer on Borderlands 3, explains:

“There’s been talk about it, but there’s nothing really planned that I’m aware of,” Pistick says. “We had an internal team who worked on the VR stuff for Borderlands 2. They worked on it with an external development contracting company. A really small team – most of them were hired to work exclusively on that project.

“There wasn’t anyone leaving the main project to work on Borderlands 2 VR, just a couple of guys who might go overseeing or offering guidance when questions came up during development, porting that game from an older engine into a newer VR space.”

Hopefully that changes before the game releases in September, but if it isn’t part of the plan right now then expectations of VR support should definitely be squashed for the time being. Fingers crossed for a VR port in early 2020 then, maybe, hopefully.

For more on Borderlands VR, read our review of Borderlands 2 VR, watch our launch livestream, and check out our list of tips if you haven’t journeyed into Pandora just yet. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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