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Borderlands 2 VR Could Come To Rift and Vive In 2019

Borderlands 2 VR Could Come To Rift and Vive In 2019

The small text of Sony’s latest trailer for Borderlands 2 VR for PSVR reveals an interesting fact- the game’s exclusivity to the platform is timed, not permanent. Specifically, it is a timed exclusive for 5 months from launch.

At the bottom of the screen from the very start it states: “Borderlands 2 VR is exclusive to PSVR for a minimum of 5 months from launch.”

This means that after that 5 month period, Gearbox could port it to PC VR platforms like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows VR if they wanted to. That would mean May 15th, 2019 is the earliest you’d see Borderlands 2 VR on a PC headset, but since that’s a Wednesday, I’d wager May 16th or 17th at the earliest instead.

We’d be shocked if Borderlands 2 VR isn’t ported to PC. The non-VR game has enjoyed a long life thanks to the PC gaming community and there is nothing inherently tying Borderlands to PSVR other than whatever deal they’ve arranged. In the case of Resident Evil 7 VR I’m less shocked it hasn’t come to PC yet (almost two years later) just because of the history with that franchise on Sony platforms. Borderlands 2 VR feels more like Batman Arkham VR or Skyrim VR, both of which eventually released on PC VR devices.

Regardless, you can play Borderlands 2 VR later this year on December 14th when it releases on PSVR as a timed-exclusive. The game will support both DualShock 4 and dual PS Move controllers, both of which will have teleportation or smooth locomotion options.

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