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Stress Level Zero: Bonelab Now 'Playable From Logos To Credits'

Stress Level Zero: Bonelab Now 'Playable From Logos To Credits'

Bonelab is now playable from the opening logos to the end credits, according to Brandon J Laatsch from Stress Level Zero.

In a tweet this week, Laatsch said that the game “is playable from logos to credits” and it “has been for a while.” The focus of development is now “polish, bugs, feature creep, polish!”

Bonelab is the much-anticipated sequel to Stress Level Zero’s 2019 title Boneworks, a physics-based action adventure game that set a new standard for physical interaction in VR. Spanning across an Aperture-inspired collection of test chambers, Boneworks gave every object in the world a sense of weight and tactile handling.

While Boneworks released exclusively for PC VR, the follow-up Bonelab is set to release on PC VR and Quest 2 this year, and potentially even PSVR 2 later down the line. Bonelab was officially unveiled in April at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, described as an action-adventure physics game with a brand new story and “two years of innovation and interaction engine progress,” building on Boneworks’ foundation.

With the bulk of Bonelab complete and the focus now on finalizing features and squashing bugs, it looks increasingly likely Bonelab will make its 2022 release window as planned. There’s still no word on a more specific date, but we could hear more at Meta’s annual Connect conference, which usually takes place late in the year.

Just a few weeks after Bonelab’s reveal it had been wishlisted more times than Boneworks. We also know that the physics won’t be downgraded on Quest 2 because of the headset’s “strong” CPU. When it comes to the visuals, store listing screenshots gave us an early indication at the differences we can expect between the PC VR and Quest 2 release.

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