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Single Player Sci-Fi VR Shooter Boiling Steel Out Now For PC VR

Single Player Sci-Fi VR Shooter Boiling Steel Out Now For PC VR

A new sci-fi VR shooter from developer MiroWin VR titled ‘Boiling Steel’ is now available on Steam for PC VR headsets.

MiroWin VR previously released Guns’N’Stories, a cowboy western VR shooter, but now they’re back with a shooter that has more of a sci-fi bend to it. Boiling Steel is a single player VR FPS that will see you play on a colony planet that is “free from bureaucratic, religious and other radical restrictions.” Everything is fully-automated in the world of Boiling Steel, with dirty work done by robots controlled by human’s minds. However, a virus has been launched into the system, turning the robots into an aggressive army against which you’ll have to fight.

We haven’t tried the game ourselves, but MiroWin VR claim that you should get a minimum of 10 hours of gameplay out of the story’s campaign. The Steam page lists support for the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows MR headsets, so you should be covered no matter which PC VR headset you own. Currently, Boiling Steel is at a promotional 20% off discount price, presumably to celebrate launch, which runs until March 13.

Boiling Steel is also available in a bundle with the developers’ previous title, Guns’N’Stories: Bulletproof VR. Guns’N’Stories launched back in early 2018 and is currently 50% off on its own on Steam, and also just recently launched on the Oculus Quest as well. If you buy the developer bundle, including both Boiling Steal and Guns’N’Stories on Steam for PC VR, you’ll get a 37% discount off the total price for both.

While Boiling Steel is only available on Steam for now, MiroWin VR confirmed that they’re planning to launch on the Oculus Store for Rift in the coming weeks as well.

Will you be trying out Boiling SteelLet us know in the comments.


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