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Block Buster VR Brings Kaiju Cosplay To Quest 2 On March 30

Block Buster VR Brings Kaiju Cosplay To Quest 2 On March 30

Block Buster, a VR arcade-action game where you destroy cities while dressed up as kaiju, launches on March 30 for Quest 2.

First revealed in 2020, Block Buster VR marks developer Happy Kamper Pictures’ debut game. Paying tribute to classic Kaiju films, you control one of five playable monsters inside a customizable kaiju costume, tearing down five fully destructible cities. Between smashing buildings, throwing tanks and eating the local citizens, each level has unique primary and secondary objectives and you unlock trophies upon completing them. Multiplayer is also supported via ‘in-room hangouts.’ You can find the official gameplay description below:

Block Buster is dedicated to every Kaiju movie you’ve ever watched. Tear up the town with five unique playable monsters: A giant ape, a radioactive lizard, a massive mecha, an angry prawn…or…a…badass butterfly…? Just go with it. Rampage through destruction-based scavenger hunts in five unique cities as you battle bosses and unlock hidden paths. And when the smashing’s done, go and build custom cosplay beasts in your ultimate Kaiju fan lair. Then invite friends over for a multiplayer hangout!

“It’s been a great experience for our first game, as people are eager to share their feedback and ideas on how we can keep adding things to Block Buster,” said creative director Brent Kappel in a prepared statement. Continuing further, Kappel then discusses potential post-launch update plans but doesn’t confirm any specifics. “It’s our hope to keep building upon the game with new monsters, cities, and play modes through DLC and expansion packs long after the initial launch.”

Block Buster arrives for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets on March 30.

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