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Watch New Blaston Gameplay, 1v1 VR Shooter From Resolution Games

Watch New Blaston Gameplay, 1v1 VR Shooter From Resolution Games

Blaston is the latest VR title from Resolution Games, and we have some exclusive new gameplay hot off the press, as revealed in our UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition.

Resolution Games is a studio that has been around the VR block a few times now — you might know them from one of their other titles such as Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, relaxing fishing game Bait!, or their upcoming multiplayer game Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale.

However, this time Resolution Games is back with a very different style of game — Blaston is a 1v1 multiplayer shooter, where you’ll be given an array of weapons and have to dodge bullets from your opponent on the spot. As you might guess, the first person to lose all their health loses the round.

In some ways, the game looks a bit reminiscent of Ironlights, a recent 1v1 multiplayer melee combat game, or Wands, a wizard dueling game. However, Blaston swaps medieval weapons for various guns and doesn’t feature any of the same attack-defend back and forth you’ll see in Ironlights. From the gameplay trailer embedded above, it’s all quick moving, dodging and shooting action in Blaston. It’s doesn’t look like a game that you want to play in a small space, that’s for sure.

As mentioned above, Blaston isn’t even the only game we’re expecting from Resolution this year. Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is a different type of multiplayer game from the same studio, also due out later in the year.

Blaston launches later this year and will be available “on Oculus Quest this fall with additional platforms to follow.”

Update: Article updated from its original version with more clarity on which platforms it launches on. 

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