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Blaston Quick Draw Update Adds Wild West Duels, Free Weekend On Steam

Blaston Quick Draw Update Adds Wild West Duels, Free Weekend On Steam

A new seasonal game mode featuring wild west gunslinger gameplay is now available in Blaston. The new mode celebrates the game’s first birthday, alongside a free weekend promotion and discounted price on Steam for PC VR players.

The Quick Draw update will be one of the bigger ones since the Crackdown update, which added a single-player campaign a few months ago. By contrast, this update adds in a new multiplayer game mode that dials the action back a bit and focuses on a cowboy-themed showdown in a dusty desert terrain.

As you can see in the embedded trailer, you’ll be equipped with only one weapon, the Deadringer, with a special skin made especially for the game mode. The weapon will spawn in front of you, just like weapons normally do in Blaston, except in Quick Draw mode it’s all about who can grab and shoot the opponent fastest.

“The initial idea for Blaston was a western-style shootout,” said Resolution Games CEO and Co-Founder Tommy Palm in a prepared statement. “So being able to include a nod to that in the game while also appealing to a new and broader audience is really fun.”

In addition to the new mode, there will also be new in-game event challenges on weekends, running throughout the seasonal Quick Draw event and starting from October 8.

The free weekend promotion is available on Steam only, so you’ll need a SteamVR-supported headset to take part. For those on Oculus Quest, there’s no free weekend for the native Quest store version, but you will be able to try the title out on Steam through Oculus Link or Air Link if you have a VR-ready PC. The free weekend runs until 10am PT on Monday.

If you give Blaston a try and like what you find, you’ll also be able to take advantage of a limited ‘Weekend Deal’ on Steam, which sees the game reduced by 30% until October 6 at 10am PST. Plus, anyone that logs into Blaston during the sale period will receive $5 worth of blasts (Blaston’s in-game currency) for free, which you can use to purchase cosmetic, avatars and weapon skins.

The Blaston Quick Draw update is available now across all platforms, and the Blaston free weekend is available now on Steam for compatible VR headsets until October 4, 10am PST,

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