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Blaston Goes Free To Play Today, Pico Release Arriving Next Year

Blaston Goes Free To Play Today, Pico Release Arriving Next Year

Blaston, the multiplayer VR shooter from Resolution Games, is now free-to-play with today’s update.

Joining Bait! and Ultimechs in Resolution’s growing library of free-to-play VR games, Blaston is taking a similar approach to Rocket League‘s free-to-play switch. Anyone who bought the game before December 15 will receive the Golden Gratitude Pack, which contains two exclusive skins and in-game currency. Announced during the Resolution Games Showcase, Resolution also confirmed Pico Neo 3 Link and Pico 4 ports will arrive next year, releasing this outline for today’s update:

Starting in 2023, Blaston will be coming to Pico Neo 3 Link and Pico 4. In addition to Blaston’s shift to free-to-play, today’s update brings a number of additions and upgrades including new weapon attachments and skins, a revamped in-game store, and a reward for all players who purchased the game prior to December 15: a Golden Gratitude Pack (a $50+ value) containing Golden Gratitude Clamos and Golden Gratitude Viper (exclusive skins not obtainable any other way) and 1,160 Blasts that can be used in Blaston’s in-game shop.

It’s a surprise move from the Swedish developer, who previously raised Blaston’s price from $9.99 to $19.99 earlier this year in January ahead of the game’s 2022 roadmap. Done to reflect the game’s numerous updates since launch, at the time Resolution CEO Tommy Palm told UploadVR that “at this point, we feel it’s a full-fledged game with a lot of content, and it’s worth $19.99.”

Blaston is now available as a free download on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR via Steam, while Pico Neo 3 Link and Pico 4 versions arrive in 2023.

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