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Nearly Five Years On, Blade & Sorcery Targets Full Release In Early 2024

Blade and Sorcery screenshot

Physics-based combat sandbox Blade & Sorcery is targeting a ful PC VR release early next year, five years after entering early access.

Creator by Warpfrog, the developer outlined its plans for Blade & Sorcery's final update on Steam. Version 1.0 notably adds 'Crystal Hunt,' a new game mode with progression, an original dungeon biome and loot collecting. Separate characters can be created who start with nothing but gradually become more powerful. Loot is sold to purchase weapons, while magical skills and skill tree branches are unlocked through 'Crystal Shards' and 'Crystal Cores' respectively.

Crystal Hunt uses environmental storytelling to tell a story based around the Dalgarians, an ancient and mysterious race whose dungeons you will explore. Warpfrog says anyone who's played 'Outpost' will have a good idea of what to expect. "Unlike Outpost which is very medieval-inspired in design, the Dalgarian Dungeons required a full blown novel art direction to create something entirely new, ancient and mystical feeling," states the team.

Elsewhere, further 1.0 updates include new upper-tier armor and 37 additional weapons. Between new swords, axes, polearms, staffs, arrow types and more, that brings the total Blade & Sorcery weapons count to 75 without mods. The Ruins sandbox map will also receive layout changes and updated visuals, while further quality-of-life changes are planned.

Blade & Sorcery is available now on SteamVR on Steam Early Access. Warpfrog states the "currently estimated ballpark for release" is Q1 2024, but this isn't guaranteed. We'll keep you updated once we learn more.

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