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Blacktop Hoops Shoots For Full Release In Spring 2024

Blacktop Hoops Shoots For Full Release In Spring 2024

Arcade VR basketball game Blacktop Hoops enters full release this spring on Quest, Steam & Pico.

Initially released in beta on Quest App Lab and Steam Early Access, we previously called Blacktop Hoops "the best expression of basketball" that we've seen in VR. Now, developer Vinci Games confirms the full release is coming soon with a new 'G.O.A.T. Campaign.' Promising a cinematic narrative as you cement your legacy, you'll rise from the local ranks and fight bosses to become the 'Greatest of All Time.'

Beyond the campaign mode, Blacktop Hoops features training options like the three-point shootout and "fast-paced pick-up matches" in online multiplayer. These occur across eight different courts in locations like Los Angeles, New York, Athens and Oakland, while customizable avatars.

Other new features include modifiers for single-player modes, including slow-motion and low gravity, while AI opponents have four difficulty settings. As for the cast, Blacktop Hoops features Dante Basco (Avatar the Last Airbender), Daniel Amerman (League of Legends), Bobbito Garcia (NBA Street Series), Renee Montgomery (WNBA All-star) and more.

“With Blacktop Hoops we're crafting a nostalgic journey back to the golden era of arcade basketball," says CEO Nathan Ventura in a prepared statement. "It’s a love letter to basketball and is inspired by iconic titles like NBA Street and NBA Jam. We took a lot of inspiration from streetball legends popularized by the AND1 Mixtape. Our game truly captures the spirit of early 2000s streetball culture, infused with the beats of 90s hip hop and urban fashion."

Blacktop Hoops enters full release on Quest, Steam and Pico in Spring 2024 for $29.99.

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