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BlackForge Crafts A Path Onto Quest & PC VR Today

BlackForge VR key art

BlackForge, a VR weaponsmithing sim, reaches Quest and Steam today.

Developed by Mana Brigade and published by Fast Travel Games, BlackForge: A Smithing Adventure is described as a "wholesome and deceptively skillful" title that promises realistic interactions. Previously featured in Steam Next Fest, it offers a story-driven campaign that tasks you with creating medieval weaponry to support the town's local heroes as they fend off a mysterious evil. Here's the new trailer.

To create these weapons and new tools, BlackForge involves sculpting and shaping metal, chopping wood, and welding materials together. You must heat metal in the forge, bash it into shape before it cools, and look after your trusty forge spirit that resides within. New skills gradually unlock after completing various requests, and you can also test these weapons on combat dummies before finishing them.

We had positive impressions in our recent BlackForge: A Smithing Adventure preview, calling it a "more relaxing fantasy game."

BlackForge is almost meditative as it is. It's not the best-looking game I've played, but the world has its own sort of serenity. Even though you're sometimes making weapons to hunt monsters with, you're just as likely to be fixing a broken staff or a ladder. It's a nice break from the usual hustle and bustle and sheer violence that virtual reality often houses.

BlackForge: A Smithing Adventure arrives today on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR.

BlackForge Preview: A Chilled Out Creation
BlackForge: A Smithing Adventure is an absurdly precise VR fantasy game that’s a nice break from the usual violence. Here’s our exclusive preview.

Notice: This article was initially published on May 30, 2024. It was updated on June 13 to reflect its launch and include our preview impressions.

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