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Bigscreen Update Adds Videoplayer For Native Video File Playback

Bigscreen Update Adds Videoplayer For Native Video File Playback

A new Bigscreen update launching today adds the capability to play local video files stored on a device in Bigscreen, even when offline. The feature also supports synchronized multi-user online viewing sessions, provided each user has the same video file stored on their own device.

Bigscreen has always been one of the leading applications for watching movies and videos in VR, with various environments and online multi-user capability. Bigscreen currently allows users to stream and view their entire Windows desktop in VR, including any videos or applications running on the computer. The app also offers ticketed official movie broadcasts in their virtual cinemas, which is run in participation with major movie studios.

However, this new videoplayer feature is slightly different and designed with mobile headsets like the Oculus Quest in mind. It allows users to pull up any video file, stored locally on the headset itself, to watch in Bigscreeen. Even if the user is offline, Bigscreen can be used to watch local video files, transferred onto the Quest from a computer, in any of the various environments on offer. The feature supports many video file formats and codecs, even including 3D video files.

There’s also online capabilities, allowing you and your friend to start an online session and watch a synchronized version of the same video, just like you would in any other Bigscreen experience. However, to do so, each participating user will need to have the same video file stored locally on their own device — the videoplayer doesn’t support streaming or sharing the file.

You’ll also be able to use the videoplayer feature in conjunction with other Bigscreen features, like desktop screensharing. So, on PC VR, you can now have a local video file playing in an environment while also using the desktop screenshare feature at the same time for other things.

The Bigscreen Videoplayer update is free and launches today.

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