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Bigscreen Video Player Adds DLNA Support For Wireless Streaming

Bigscreen Video Player Adds DLNA Support For Wireless Streaming

A new update for Bigscreen is available now, adding wireless video and audio playback through DLNA protocol support. Plus, an unreleased blockbuster movie is set to make a simultaneous debut across Bigscreen, physical cinemas and digital platforms.

Back in June, the addition of a video player to Bigscreen was a welcome addition for many users, especially on Quest. It allowed users to play video files natively in the app without streaming their entire desktop view. However, this feature only supported playing files stored on your device, but this new update adds DLNA protocol support, allowing for wireless streaming.

Users with a DLNA media server (or those using one with optional DLNA support, such as Plex) should now be able to access all their files in Bigscreen when connected to the same network as the server. This is of particular interest to Quest users, as it means they won’t have to transfer potentially large video files onto the Quest’s limited storage in order to watch them in Bigscreen.

Additionally, Bigscreen announced that a new movie studio with “thousands of 2D and 3D movies” will be partnering with Bigscreen soon. Even more exciting news is that an unreleased blockbuster movie will be available (presumably for a paid fee) in Bigscreen on the same day it becomes available in theaters and on other digital platforms. With many cinemas around the world closed, it’s nice to see Bigscreen acknowledged as a viable release platform alongside traditional VOD and physical options.

Bigscreen will also roll out a friends system in the coming months, as well as remote desktop support (coming out of beta) for ultra low-latency PC to Quest streaming. There’s also new environments, avatars and a paid membership plan on the way.

The Bigscreen’s DLNA update is available now.

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