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Bethesda Bringing 'Doom' and 'Fallout 4' To VR

Bethesda Bringing 'Doom' and 'Fallout 4' To VR

During its E3 press conference Bethesda announced VR initiatives for Doom and Fallout 4. It’s still unclear precisely to what extent each game is being adapted to the new medium, though Fallout 4 sounds like a full port of the game on the HTC Vive and Doom was said to be a “virtual tour.”

Both games were not originally conceived for VR, so how the experiences are adapted will be interesting to see. Fallout 4 is the latest in a long line of post-apocalyptic exploration games and Doom, originally created in the 1990s, was recently remade.

It’s unclear whether the Oculus Rift is included in plans for either game. Bethesda is owned by Zenimax, which sued Oculus after original Doom programmer John Carmack left another Zenimax company, Id Software, to become CTO at the startup.

This news is developing. Updates to come.

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