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Best VR Of 2019 Nominee: Asgard's Wrath Delivered A True VR Epic

Best VR Of 2019 Nominee: Asgard's Wrath Delivered A True VR Epic

The road to UploadVR’s Best of 2019 awards starts here! Every weekday until later this month we’ll be revealing one of the ten nominees for our Overall VR Game/Experience of the Year, counting down to the reveal of our full list of categories and nominees later in December. Pick up your sword and shield because Asgard’s Wrath is a must-play epic VR RPG adventure.

When Oculus announced Asgard’s Wrath (read our review) it sounded too good to be true. Over 30 hours of content spread across multiple large zones, several playable characters, and an intense combat system all surrounded by a rich, Norse mythology-focused narrative? And it’s exclusive to VR, not a port of an existing non-VR AAA game? Pinch me please; I must be dreaming.

And then it absolutely delivered and I’m still in shock it was as good as it was two months ago.

In Asgard’s Wrath you take on the role of a new god in the Norse pantheon that rules over animals. You have the ability to possess and take control of mortals while also transforming everyday animals like turtles and birds into humanoid companions that fight by your side. The majority of the game is spent solving puzzles, exploring dungeons, and fighting off swarms of enemies using a mixture of ranged and visceral melee combat. Truly, it’s a full-scale action-adventure RPG built from the ground up for VR.

It’s difficult to overstate just how impressive Asgard’s Wrath is. The download file alone was over 100GB in size and it clearly showed. Visually it’s staggering masterpiece with some of the most intricately detailed environments I’ve seen in any VR game. The team at Sanzaru Games achieved something truly remarkable here marrying elements of Zelda, Metroid, and Castlevania into one massive package with a bow on top.

It took me over 25 hours to pick my way through the main campaign and that’s without stopping for any side content except for maybe once or twice. There is easily around 40 hours of content here. Once I was done my save file only said I’d seen about 30% of what the game had to offer. That’s dumbfounding.

All of the characters are a blast to play as with their own unique fighting styles and upgrade paths. Like most great games, it does an excellent job of keeping you hooked with satisfying rewards, a real sense of gradual progression, and an innovative God-meets-mortals mechanic that feels truly unique.

Unless you just outright hate RPGs or action-adventure games, this is absolutely a must-play VR game that should be experienced to fully appreciate.

Asgard’s Wrath is available exclusively on the Oculus Home Store for Rift for $39.99, but does also work via Oculus Link for Quest and ReVive for non-Oculus headsets from what we’ve tried.

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