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The UploadVR Best VR Of 2019 Awards - Winners

The UploadVR Best VR Of 2019 Awards - Winners

UPDATE: As of 01/02/2020 we’ve announced our winners for every category! If you want to see the discussion and debate, which was recorded and streamed live, you can find that here:

Original: We’ve had a wild year in 2019 for the VR/AR industry.

From the releases of big games that blew us away to some of the most impressive hardware we’ve seen yet finally release, there have been lots and lots of highs to celebrate. This year we even hosted the first-ever VR-focused E3 Show with our E3 VR Showcase that amassed over 16,000 people watching it live and well over 100,000 views across all formats and re-streams to date.

So, without further ado, this is our full list of nominees for each of the respective categories. We’ll announce winners later this week during our latest episode of The VR Download podcast, which is filmed from inside of our VR studio, live, with viewer feedback and then reposted as an audio podcast later.

All entries are listed alphabetically in the corresponding category with the first entry used as reference for the category’s corresponding photo (unless it’s been used already in which case we’ll use the next entry as the photo). When we announce winners we will just go back in here and update the list like we did last year. You can already see our reasoning for every nominee for best overall in 2019 if you’d like.

oculus rift rear

Best Hardware

– Oculus Rift S
*WINNER* Oculus Quest
– Valve Index


Ghost Giant Review Image

Best PSVR Game/Experience

– A Fisherman’s Tale
– Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown VR Missions
– Blood & Truth
*WINNER* Ghost Giant
– No Man’s Sky
– Trover Saves the Universe
– Vacation Simulator


Superhot Rift Quest 2

Best Quest Game/Experience

– A Fisherman’s Tale
– Beat Saber
– Pistol Whip
– Star Wars: Vader Immortal Trilogy
*WINNER* Superhot
– Titans of Space Plus
– Vacation Simulator


ingrid asgard's wrath

Best PC VR Game/Experience

– A Fisherman’s Tale
*WINNER* Asgard’s Wrath
– Boneworks
– Ghost Giant
– No Man’s Sky
– Pistol Whip
– Wolves in the Walls


Best Location-Based VR

*WINNER*  The Void’s Avengers: Damage Control
– Sandbox’s Star Trek: Discovery Away Misson
– Capcom’s Biohazard: Valiant Raid


beat saber quest

Best Ongoing Support

– Bigscreen
– Borderlands 2 VR
*WINNER*  Beat Saber
– Firewall Zero Hour
– Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades
– Onward
– Rec Room


Acron 3

Best Multiplayer/Social

*WINNER* Acron: Attack of the Squirrels
– Dance Central
– Final Assault
– No Man’s Sky
– Poker Stars VR
– Stormland


Boneworks Review

Most Immersive Moment

– Asgard’s Wrath: Looking at the Vistas
*WINNER* Boneworks: Testing the Physics
– No Man’s Sky VR: Taking Off in Your Ship
– Getting in the Zone: Pistol Whip
– Spider-Man: Far From Home VR – Web Swinging
– Stormland: Meeting Friends
– Superhot Quest: Dodging Bullets in 360 Wireless Roomscale


until you fall gameplay screenshot 6

Best Visuals

– Asgard’s Wrath
– Boneworks
– No Man’s Sky
– Stormland
*WINNER* Until You Fall
– Westworld: Awakening



Most Active VR Game/Experience

– Beat Saber
– Boneworks
– Dance Central
– Pistol Whip
– Thrill of the Fight
– Until You Fall


aperture hand labs valve portal

Developer of the Year

– Beat Games
*WINNER* Cloudhead Games
– Hello Games
– Stress Level Zero


Half-Life: Alyx Combine Elevator

Most Anticipated VR Game/Experience

– After the Fall
*WINNER* Half-Life: Alyx
– Iron Man VR
– Lone Echo 2
– Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
– The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners



Asgards Wrath Key Art 02

Overall Best VR Of 2019 [Read Nominee Articles]

A Fisherman’s Tale
*WINNER* Asgard’s Wrath
Blood & Truth
Ghost Giant
No Man’s Sky
Pistol Whip
Vacation Simulator
Wolves in the Walls

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