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Best Black Friday 2019 VR Sales And Deals

Best Black Friday 2019 VR Sales And Deals

We’ve rounded up all of the best Black Friday 2019 sales and deals for VR. This list will be continuously updated throughout the month of November and has all deals for all headset platforms, accessories, and hardware.

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This year Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 28th, which makes Black Friday November 29th. However, ‘Black Friday’ is just a marketing term nowadays and doesn’t actually mean the sales start on that Friday.

In many cases in the weeks leading up to the date you’ll find lots of deals already available and even that week many retailers will launch sales on the 28th itself or even earlier on the 27th and they’ll carry through until the end of the month. For example, Gamestop is opening its doors this year as early as 3PM on Thanksgiving Day.

Not all deals will be live as of the time of this article going live, but most of the Amazon links should be. Deals from platform holders directly (such as Oculus and HTC) are typically not live until Thursday.

Best Black Friday VR Headset Deals

Oculus Rift S w/ 2 Touch Controllers for $350 from Lenovo, Oculus, Amazon, and Best Buy (starts Nov. 28, usually $399)
PlayStation VR Bundle with 2 Games and 2 Move Controllers for $249.99 at multiple retailers (usually $349.99)

– Blood & Truth
– Everybody’s Golf VR

PlayStation VR Bundle with 5 Games for $199 from Target (usually $299+)

– PSVR Headset
– PS4 Camera
– Resident Evil VII
– Astro Bot
– Everybody’s Golf VR
– The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
– PlayStation VR Worlds

Samsung Odyssey+ HMD w/ 2 Controllers for $229 from Amazon (usually $299+)

Pimax 5K XR OLED Headset Only for $799
from Amazon (usually $1,189+)
Smasung Gear VR (2017 ver.) w/ Controller for $84 from Amazon (usually $129)
Oculus Go 32GB for $149 (instead of $199) and 64GB for $199 (instead of $249) from Oculus, Amazon, and Best Buy

Vive Pro HMD for $599 from HTC (usually $799)
Vive Pro Starter Kit for $799 from HTC (usually $1,099)
Vive Pro Full Kit for $1,099 from HTC (usually $1,399)
Vive Cosmos for $599 from HTC (usually $699)
Certified Pre-Owned Vive System for $349 from HTC (usually $399)


Best Black Friday VR Accessory Deals

Xbox One Wireless Controller for $39 from Amazon (usually $59)
DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for $39 from Amazon (usually $65)
Logitech G903 Wireless Mouse for $79 from Best Buy (usually $149)
Vive Wireless Adapter for $250 from HTC (usually $300)


Best Black Friday VR System And Hardware Deals

Lenovo Legion Y545 with RTS 2060 for $1,099 from Walmart (usually $1,599)
PlayStation 4 Slim Bundle w/ 3 Non-VR Games for $199 from Target and Walmart (usually $299)
PlayStation 4 Pro for $299 from multiple retailers (usually $399)


Best Black Friday VR Game Deals

One-Year of PlayStation Plus for $45 from Amazon (usually $60)
Viveport Infinity 1-Year Subscription for $60 from HTC (usually ~$100+)

PSVR Game Deals:
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (Optional VR Mode): $29.99 / $32.28 on Amazon Physically (Usually $59.99) – Read Our Review
Astro Bot Rescue Mission: $13.99 (Usually $19.99) – Read Our Review
Battlewake: $20.09 (Usually $29.99) – Read Our Review
Concrete Genie (Optional VR Mode): $20.09 / $27.88 on Amazon Physically (Usually $29.99) – Read Our Review
Dick Wilde: $5.99 (Usually $14.99) – Read Our Review
Dick Wilde 2: $9.99 (Usually $19.99) – Read Our Review
Everybody’s Golf VR: $20.99 / $24.44 on Amazon Physically (Usually $29.99) – Read Our Review
Firewall Zero Hour: $9.99 / $16.53 on Amazon Physically (Usually $19.99) – Read Our Review
The Inpatient: $9.99 (Usually $19.99) – Read Our Review
LA Noire: The VR Case Files: $22.49 (Usually $29.99) – Read Our Review
Robinson: The Journey: $20.99 / $24.95 on Amazon Physically (Usually $29.99) – Read Our Review

Oculus Quest Game Deals:
Vader Immortal Episodes 1-3 Bundled
With New Oculus Quests until end of January (usually $30 total)

Not seeing something you want on this list? We’ll be updating this over the entire month of November and will probably miss a lot of deals. Stuff like SSDs, RAM, GPUs, and various pieces of PC gaming gear always go on sale so keep an eye out if you’re due for an upgrade.

Check out our article here on how to see if your PC is VR ready.

This article was published for the first time on November 15th, 2019 and was most recently updated on November 25th, 2019.


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