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Become A God In Megalith, Coming To PSVR In 2018

Become A God In Megalith, Coming To PSVR In 2018

Paris Games Week is underway this year and Sony will be on-stage today showing off brand new games and issuing updates on existing titles. Kicking things off this morning was a slew of non-VR indie titles before two brand new game announcements hit the stage. First up was the announcement of Megalith from Disruptive Games.

Megalith is an action-packed hero shooter from a team of veteran multiplayer-focused developers, many of which come from Insomniac Games. There is full free locomotion reportedly, but the debut trailer was all cinematic without any gameplay.

The trailer ends with a shot of a monster looking down at their hands, but it’s unlikely players will be able to move their fingers individually such as the video shows.

Hero shooters are all the rage outside of VR right now with the likes of Overwatch and Quake Champions, but we haven’t seen anything quite like that genre in VR yet other than to a lesser degree with Starblood Arena.

You can see a still-shot of the environment design from the trailer right here and watch the full trailer up above.

What do you think about Megalith from what you’ve seen so far? Let us know down in the comments below!

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