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Beat Saber Releases Upgraded Imagine Dragons Pack, Including New Songs & Maps

Beat Saber Releases Upgraded Imagine Dragons Pack, Including New Songs & Maps

Beat Saber just released an upgraded version of its Imagine Dragons DLC Music Pack, featuring two new songs and redesigned maps for the existing tracks.

The Imagine Dragons DLC tracks for Beat Saber first released in 2019, featuring 10 songs available for purchase individually or as a bundle. Since then, the team at Beat Games released a bunch of other DLC tracks and made some significant updates to the game, including new note types and an upgraded lighting system.

Given those changes since the initial release, Beat Games released a ‘new and improved’ Imagine Dragons DLC pack earlier today. The maps for the existing 10 tracks have been redesigned, now featuring arc and chain note types, alongside upgraded environments that use the game’s new lighting system and color scheme. Meta says that players “will immediately notice that the 10 legacy tracks have improved mapping and flow.”

The upgraded pack also includes two new songs – Bones and Enemy, the latter of which is the theme song to Netflix’s show Arcane, set in the League of Legends universe.

The upgraded pack now features 12 tracks total and is available for the same $14.99 price as the original, with individual tracks available for $1.99.

Meta says that existing owners of the former 10-track DLC bundle will be able to purchase an ‘upgrade’ that includes the two new tracks for $2.50.

It’s unclear whether existing individually-owned tracks or those who do not purchase the $2.50 ‘upgrade’ will automatically receive the updated versions of the tracks for free. UploadVR has reached out to Meta for clarification and will provide an update if we receive a response.

Update: Meta confirmed to UploadVR that the new version of the tracks will be applied for free for existing owners automatically via an update.

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