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Beat Saber Can Be Shared Between Accounts On The Same Meta Quest

Beat Saber Can Be Shared Between Accounts On The Same Meta Quest

Households with a single Meta Quest logged into multiple accounts can now share a single copy of Beat Saber.

Earlier this year, before switching over to the Meta branding, Facebook rolled out multi-user support on its Quest platform as an experimental feature. With version 35 this week Meta is embracing it as a full-fledged feature on Quest alongside app sharing, mixed reality capture and in the weeks ahead the ability to take a call in Messenger. Beat Saber developer Beat Games is one of several VR-focused game studios Facebook developed over the last few years, but Beat Saber is likely in a class by itself in terms of revenue for a VR game. The rhythm-slicing game runs on Steam, PlayStation VR, and Quest, but it was said to have seen $100 million in revenue on Quest alone. Multiplayer just launched for Beat Saber on PSVR quite recently, but that update didn’t offer cross-play between the platforms even though Oculus and Steam players have been able to play against one another since September.

When it comes to Quest, the feature “App Sharing” feature from Meta is said to include the Original Soundtracks, Extras, and Camelia Pack. So that means if you’ve purchased the game with an account and have it set as the administrator of a headset, other people should be able to log into their own Facebook accounts on the headset and play the game with those songs. We’ll be curious if Beat Saber’s DLC, which includes some big name artists, will ever get support for the feature.

We’ve found that some other games have supported App Sharing as well but we haven’t compiled a list yet — let us know in the comments below if you’ve tested this feature successfully with Beat Saber or another Quest app.


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