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This Tool Makes Installing Custom Beat Saber Songs On Oculus Quest Easy

This Tool Makes Installing Custom Beat Saber Songs On Oculus Quest Easy

A developer going by the username of NyanBlade created a tool that makes sideloading custom Beat Saber songs to Oculus Quest easy.

The tool features step by step instructions, guiding you through everything from enabling developer mode on your Quest to how to get custom songs. The developer has clearly put serious effort into making this something anyone can use.

Beat Saber Quest Mod Installer

Custom songs don’t have to be made specifically for Quest. The hundreds of songs already made for the PC VR version of the game, available form websites such as Beat Saver, will work with this tool. This opens up Beat Saber to new genres, popular artists, and the latest pop songs.

Beat Games recently stated that the Quest version of the game will get official custom songs support, for levels created with the new Level Editor. There’s no word yet on how exactly this will work, but it has the potential to be even easier.

On PC, Beat Saber has a long history of unofficial modding. However, Beat Games were wary of the copyright and ethical issues around opening up such a system. Most unofficial custom Beat Saber songs are unlicenced uses of the music. The company also expressed frustration at the quality of mods, which could lead to bad reviews for the game itself.

The PlayStation VR version of the game doesn’t have custom songs support, nor does it have mods to enable them. It still remains popular however, placing high in the PlayStation Store charts. While custom songs enhance Beat Saber, the game still plays great with the included music.

You can download NyanBlade’s BeatSaberInstaller for Quest from GitHub.

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