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Beat Saber Leaving Early Access With Level Editor And Price Increase

Beat Saber Leaving Early Access With Level Editor And Price Increase

The developers of Beat Saber say they are taking the game out of early access on May 21 with an update that unifies the game’s design across PSVR, PC and standalone VR systems.

The update will also formally see support for a level editor and a price increase to $29.99. The level editor is PC only, according to Beat Games. That means buyers who haven’t picked up Beat Saber yet have less than a week to pick up the game for $19.99 through Steam or the Oculus Store. It is already priced at $29.99 on PlayStation VR systems and Oculus Quest will include a limited demo version of the game as a tease of the full experience.

Going From $19.99 to $29.99

In a post on Medium developers explained:

“With the release of the Level Editor, you will be able to create levels for your own audio tracks. We will be including the song ‘Beat Saber’ from the OST Vol. 1 as a free, default track for everyone to have some fun with.”

The developers behind Beat Saber also confirmed the game will not support cross-buy between Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift — so if you already bought Beat Saber from Facebook’s Oculus Store for Rift you’ll have to buy it again for Quest.  The developers made clear the game isn’t finished with this release and they are planning “big name artists coming from across all genres” as well as both “Music Packs” and free tracks planned for game updates. We’ve also reached out to get details about how the level editor functions. Beat Saber faces a tricky situation in trying to support the freedom of players while simultaneously trying to support musicians getting paid for their music being used.

“We didn’t realise how we wanted to incorporate other audio files with our Level Editor,” the post states. “We had many discussions about this and tried to come up with the best solution we could. The original plan was to release the Level Editor soon after the release of the PC version of Beat Saber. But because we weren’t able to find the best way, we decided to postpone this project and work on something else instead.”

Update: Sentence added explaining the level editor is PC only.

Update 2: Additional information added, and a paragraph removed, with details about Beat Saber’s cross-buy strategy.


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