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Beat Saber Confirmed As Oculus Quest Launch Title

Beat Saber Confirmed As Oculus Quest Launch Title

Facebook’s $400 Oculus Quest standalone VR headset is launching with Beat Saber in its lineup.

For Facebook, Beat Saber was a must-get for its Oculus Quest launch lineup. The game is a system seller for some buyers. If you don’t own a PS4 or a high-end gaming PC, Oculus Quest is also going to be the lowest cost way to enjoy the VR game.

Beat Saber is rhythm slashing game first that was released in May last year for PC VR headsets. It launched on Sony’s PlayStation VR in November and, by February, sold more than 1 million copies across those systems. That makes it one of VR’s highest and fastest selling titles. Beat Saber doesn’t require high-end graphics hardware while making incredible use of 6dof controllers. The game makes players feel like powerful light-sword equipped warriors fighting in perfect sync to the music.

We are of course extremely curious if Oculus Quest Insight tracking system is able to keep up with higher level difficulties seen in the game. We also asked representatives of Oculus and development studio Beat Games if the recently launched song pack will be included in the Quest version. We’ll update this post if we hear back. Beat Games also has other plans for Beat Saber in 2019, including multiplayer, and we don’t know how that feature might be implemented with regard to Quest.

There are still lots of unannounced titles still to be revealed for the launch of Oculus Quest. Facebook promised more than 50 titles for the system in 2019 with games like Superhot and Face Your Fears shown previously.

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