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Beat Saber Teases First Gameplay Showing New Block Types

Beat Saber Teases First Gameplay Showing New Block Types

The developers of Beat Saber previewed some interesting new gameplay coming “soon” to one of VR’s most popular titles.

The 34-second long clip is jam-packed with visuals that may take a few watches to pick apart, but suffice it to say the video shows a decent look at the the new thinly sliced blocks — enough to get the impression that they are  likely to introduce some of the biggest changes to Beat Saber’s core gameplay since the addition of 360-degree maps and multiplayer.

Give it a few watches via the tweet embedded below:

In case you missed it, near the end of the video before the “Beat Saber” logo appears we see a wall of blue boxes incoming with a pair of hidden red boxes. These hidden boxes are actually revealed in advance by an energy wafting off the red saber, pictured below, that grows in intensity as it points to the rapidly approaching obstacles.

Beat Saber is of course made by Prague-based Beat Games, which Facebook acquired in 2019 in the first of several VR development studio acquisitions on its path to going Meta. The game has perpetually got a home among some of the top games in VR and the developers have continually added a number of big name artists to the rhythm slicing in a series of DLC packs.

Have you been able to pick apart any other details from the gameplay video? Please share in the comments below!

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