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Beat Saber Adds More 360-Degree And One Saber Maps On May 25

Beat Saber Adds More 360-Degree And One Saber Maps On May 25

Available as part of the 1-year anniversary celebrations for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S, 20 Beat Saber maps will receive support for either 360 degree mode or one-saber mode on May 25, Facebook announced today.

Back in December 2019, Beat Saber received an update that added new beatmaps for existing levels that played out in 360 degrees, requiring you to turn around with the notes as you play. These new 360 degree levels were spread across the game’s included base levels and also into DLC music packs such as the Panic! at the Disco pack or the Green Day music pack.

Now, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Quest and the Rift S, 10 ‘fan-favorite’ maps will receive 360 modes as well. Additionally, 10 maps will receive support for single-saber mode, which only requires one hand to play through, as the name suggests.

Beat Saber continues to be a dominant force in the VR rhythm game genre. Late last year, Facebook acquired Beat Games, the Prague-based developers behind Beat Saber. The team promised that despite the acquisition from Facebook, “Beat Games will continue to ship content and updates for Beat Saber across all currently supported platforms.” The aforementioned Green Day music pack launched soon after, followed by the more recent Timbaland music pack which launched in March. Just last month, the team also added in a new fitness-focused track called Fitbeat.

Beat Saber isn’t without tough competition, however. There are plenty of VR rhythm games to compete with, especially on Quest, including OhShape, Pistol Whip, Audio Trip, Audica, Audioshield and many more.

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