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Beat Saber DLC 2 Releases Next Month, Custom Songs Support Coming To Quest

Beat Saber DLC 2 Releases Next Month, Custom Songs Support Coming To Quest

Beat Games today made a surprise announcement: custom songs created with Beat Saber’s new Level Editor will be able to be played on the Oculus Quest in a future update.

Beat Saber’s official level editor only launched last week, though the game has a long history of unofficial modding. This process required downloading third party tools and moving files around in the Beat Saber install folder.

Official support for custom songs had been a promised future feature since the game launched. However, Beat Games were wary of the copyright and ethical issues around opening up such a system. Most unofficial custom Beat Saber songs are unlicenced uses of the music. The company also expressed frustration at the quality of mods, which could lead to bad reviews for the game itself.

With the release of the level editor last week, many fans were disappointed to find it was PC-only. On Saturday just four days after release however, modder Brian Tate demonstrated a modded track working on the Oculus Quest. By yesterday, modders had managed to get multiple songs and a selection UI working.

Whether today’s announcement was a response to the rapid pace of modding or always planned may never be known. But the news is the same regardless- Oculus Quest will be getting custom songs.

There’s no details yet or a release timeline, but we’ll keep you updated when there is.

Next Music Pack

Beat Games also announced that the next DLC music pack will release June 10.

The company isn’t revealing yet the name of the artist, but provided this 8×8 image, likely of the album cover art, for fans to guess:

beat saber dlc 2 tease

This will be the game’s second music pack. We gave the first, Monstercat Pack Vol. 1, an 8.5/10 in our review due to its quality and value. Hopefully this latest pack will impress even more.

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