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Beat Saber Passes $100 Million In Revenue On Quest Platform Alone

Facebook announced today that Beat Saber has passed $100 million in revenue on the Oculus Quest platform.

In January this year, Facebook announced that over 60 titles had surpassed at least $1 million in revenue on Quest. This puts the milestone into perspective – Beat Saber was able to reach $100 million on Quest just 10 months after other apps on the platform had only just surpassed the $1 million mark.

In February, Facebook revealed that Beat Saber had sold 4 million copies across all platforms. It also revealed that Onward had reach $10 million in revenue on Quest, while Population: One had reached $10 million on the Oculus Store (Quest and Rift). In July 2020, Virtual Desktop announced it had reached $3 million in revenue on the Quest platform.

While we don’t have complete revenue data for many titles on Quest and other platforms, we believe Beat Saber to be the most popular VR app available across all platforms.

As another point of comparison, critically-acclaimed and multi-platform hit The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners announced this week that it had reached $50 million in revenue across all platforms (Quest, PSVR, PC VR).

Saints & Sinners launched for PC VR in late 2020, before launching on PSVR in mid-2021 and Quest 1/2 around the latter’s launch in October 2021. Beat Saber launched as a Quest launch title in May 2019.

In around two and a half years, Beat Saber has reached $100 million in revenue on the Quest platform alone, while Saints & Sinners is at $50 million mark after a staggered launch on multiple platforms that just under two years ago.


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