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Defend Castles With Elemental Archery In Battle Bows On Quest & PC VR

Battle Bows screenshot

Battle Bows offers a colorful co-op castle defense game, placing your archery skills to the test next month on Quest & PC VR.

Developed by Austin-based WIMO Games, who previously worked on RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone, Battle Bows tasks you with defending your castle from the Balloonies. Playable alone or with up to four players in Quick Play and private lobbies, you defend your castle through powerful archery, choosing Fire, Electricity, Ice or Poison as an elemental power. Announced during the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2023, here's the full reveal trailer:


Once you've finished taking down ground units and bosses, Battle Bows ranks you and your friends' performances, placing you in an online leaderboard. Elaborating further in a press release, WIMO Games also confirmed an 'Endless Mode', alongside seasonal updates and leaderboard resets.

"Our initial prototype was so much fun, we just had to go down this path and turn Battle Bows into both a full game and our VR debut,"  said Dave Rosen, WIMO Games CEO in a prepared statement. "Years of experience making games both here at WIMO and at our previous stops in the industry taught us how to ensure a game is engaging right from the start."

BattleBows arrives on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR on July 13. WIMO Games confirms there's "more content in the works for future seasons, along with support for further VR headsets and platforms in development."

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