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Battle Talent Challenges Quest & PC VR Players On June 1

Battle Talent VR - Fighter Training Simulator key art

Battle Talent, a VR fighting sim from Cydream, brings a new roguelite experience to Quest 2 and Steam on June 1.

Set in a fantasy world, Battle Talent promises a challenging physics-based fighter "designed to emphasize practicing muscle memory" over brute force. Featuring varied combat styles, dozens of weapons and magical spells, enemies with unique fighting styles, each run happens within an interactable maze filled with new weapons, traps and strong opponents.

Cydream confirms Battle Talent also includes official mod support on both Quest 2 and PC VR. According to a press release, mods can be installed through an in-game mod menu, and on Quest 2, this doesn't require using a PC. You can find the official game description below:

"Get ready to step into a world where combat is no longer just a game but a trust test of Battle Talent. Get lost in a unique, fantasy world with dozens of mazes where you can interact with nearly everything. Find collectibles by breaking various objects scattered across the map, discover new weapons through hidden treasure boxes, and upgrade your weapons and skills with available pedestals. Battle Talent’s unforgiving mazes are also filled with traps and enemies waiting for those brave enough to enter."

Battle Talent joins the Meta Quest platform and PC VR on June 1 for $19.99. You can play the demo now via App Lab, SideQuest and Steam.

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