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Pro Tips To Save Battery While Playing Pokemon Go

Pro Tips To Save Battery While Playing Pokemon Go

Over the past weekend Pokemon Go became nothing short of a massive success with millions of players basking in the novel concept of going outside to game. However, the fun only lasts as long as your battery, so follow these tips to help you stay out there long enough to catch them all!

Enable the Built in Battery Saving Mode


It turns out that Pokemon Go has its own battery saving mode built in that helps to slow the refresh rate (less of an issue after tip #1) and dim your screen when you aren’t actively playing.

To enable it, first tap the Pokeball, then go to settings, then tick the circle next to battery saver. Now you don’t have to turn your phone screen off between stops and can still get notifications when a Pokemon pops up nearby.

As an additional layer of battery protection for iPhone users, turning on the “low power usage” mode while your phone is at a full charge is also a helpful step.

Turn off the AR

Now it might seem counter intuitive for a website focused on AR and VR to tell you to turn off the AR feature but by sacrificing the ability to see Pokemon overlaid in your real world you can actually save some valuable battery. Besides – even if the app doesn’t have augmented reality in the visual sense, it is still AR in the sense that it is placing digital information in our real world – just to get tangentially technical for a moment.

To turn the feature off you just need to toggle the switch at the top that says “AR”.

Turn Down Your Brightness 

This one is a bit of a no brainer – but the truth is it can help a bit and when you’re trying to catch ‘em all, every little bit helps.

These tips should help you last a bit longer out in the field, but let’s face it – Pokemon Go is a battery hog. If you are planning on getting out there for a long Poke hike, bring an external battery.



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