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Bait! Fishin' Buddies Update Reels In Multiplayer Support

Bait! Fishin' Buddies Update Reels In Multiplayer Support

Bait!, a free-to-play fishing game from Resolution Games, receives multiplayer support today on Meta Quest 2.

First released for Samsung Gear in 2016, Bait! later arrived on the original Oculus Quest as a launch title. Announced today during the Resolution Games Showcase, Fishin’ Buddies marks Bait!’s first major content update in six years, introducing a new hangout spot for up to 12 players called Casters Cove. There’s also Penguin Point, where four players can compete in fishing tournaments. Resolution provided this full outline:

Up to four players can visit Penguin Point together to cast their lines for casual fun or competitive tournaments, while up to 12 players can hang out at Casters’ Cove — Resolution Games’ third Tinyverse, the studio’s solution to a more personalized metaverse —  and engage in a variety of social activities like RC boat races, skipping stones along the beach, paddling around in inflatable floaties and so much more.

It’s a surprise update for one of VR’s oldest titles, and Bait! was once one of mobile VR’s most popular experiences, eventually surpassing one million players in 2017. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Resolution experiment with Bait! multiplayer either, thanks to 2017’s Bait! Arctic Open. Once exclusive to the now-defunct Facebook Spaces, Arctic Open shut down two years later when Meta closed the platform.

Fishin’ Buddies arrives today as a free update, and Bait! is available for free on the Meta Quest platform.

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