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B99 Overclocked Revisits Cyberspace This Month On PSVR 2

B99 Overclocked screenshot

B99 Overclocked is an enhanced version of the FPS roguelike, arriving this month on PSVR 2.

Developed by one-person studio Iron Stomach, B99 Overclocked takes place within an 80s-esque vision of cyberspace. Featuring randomly generated dungeons on each playthrough, B99 on PSVR 2 runs at 90fps with no reprojection. Featuring 38 enemy types, a new perspective and a new dash/dodge function, you can watch the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2023 trailer below:


Detailing these new changes further in a press release, Iron Stomach confirms Overclocked contains a new 'Lite Dungeon' game mode, compressing this campaign into shorter one-hour runs. Completing this or dying 5 times unlocks 'Full Dungeon' which comes with two options. Alongside a hardcore 18-floor 'Rogue' setting, 'Casual' mode removes permadeath and decreases difficulty.

Here's the official game description from Iron Stomach:

B99 is Fast Paced Shooter set in a Roguelike Metaverse crafted by the B99 AI itself. The remnants of humanity are forced to challenge a Labyrinth created by an AI trained on Classic Digital Games. For the B99 it is only a Game and you only the Player. For humanity it is survival. Upgrades and Weapons abound to help you overcome Enemies, Bosses, and Traps looking to end your Run.

B99 Overclocked arrives on June 30 for PSVR 2, while the original version is available now on Steam and Quest.

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