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Attack On Titan VR Attraction Coming To Tokyo

Attack On Titan VR Attraction Coming To Tokyo

VR headsets let us step into some of our most favorite and iconic fictional worlds. I can stand at the edge of High Hrothgar, peering down at the rolling landscapes of Skyrim or fight off demons in DOOM VFR. Then if you venture over to Japan you can pilot a Gundam or in the VR Zone at Shinjuku try your hand at DBZ VR, Dragon Quest VR, Mario Kart VR, and more. You can even gun down stormtroopers with Secrets of the Empire from The Void. Then why not more anime VR experiences? If it works for DBZ, surely it can work for others. We’re still a ways off from a real Sword Art Online VR MMO (Nostos is making some steps in the right direction) but until then the likes of Attack on Titan VR will certainly hold us over.

According to Siliconera, Sony Music Communications and Taito are collaborating on a VR attraction centered around the massively popular Attack on Titan anime series titled VR Attack on Titan: The Human Race. The experience will support up to four players as they battle against the Female Titan and is based on a chapter from the original manga.

As you can see in the image above, the rigs are setup side-by-side with fans and it looks a lot like Vive Pros dangling there at each station. Attack on Titan VR is getting a location test in Tokyo at Ginza Sony Park from October 19th – 26th, running 10AM – 8PM JST.

Does this look like something you’d want to try? With Mario Kart VR available in London already and coming to the US very soon, maybe more location-based VR experiences from Japan will start making their way to the West over too.

Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

h/t: Siliconera, VRFocus

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