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ARZombi Is A Zombie Shooter Made Using ARKit

ARZombi Is A Zombie Shooter Made Using ARKit

What’s popular in VR right now? That’s right: zombies and guns. Naturally it follows that if developers were to work on AR games that they’d bring over those zombies and guns and let you see them immersed in your actual world. That’s the idea behind ARZombi, an upcoming proof-of-concept zombie game for iOS made using ARKit. In some ways it reminds us of the upcoming The Walking Dead: Our World Pokemon Go-style AR game as well.

Using some room-mapping techniques similar to what we’ve seen from this Minecraft AR prototype and even the pre-ARKit and ARCore mobile game Night Terrors, the zombies will actually appear as if they were really in your room or surrounding you outside.

ARZombi allows you to live out an 80’s inspired zombie apocalypse in your very own living room,” writes Sean Evans, a developer on the project, in an email to UploadVR. “The game will map your doors and windows, board them up and your job is to protect your home from becoming a zombie all you can eat buffet! Grab the closest weapons to you, keep your boards intact and save yourself and those around you.”

You can see some footage of the game in the video above and find out more information on the official websiteThe game is slated to initially release this fall with a Story Mode update and multiplayer coming at a later time.

Let us know what you think of ARZombi so far down in the comments below!

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