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Art Studio VR Brings Canvas And 3D Model Painting To Quest

Art Studio VR Brings Canvas And 3D Model Painting To Quest

Another painting tool is on its way to Meta Quest (previously Oculus Quest) — Art Studio VR will launch on App Lab on December 10.

There’s been an influx of VR painting apps over the last year, especially for Quest. Now, Art Studio VR is bringing more another option to the table.

art studio vr quest app lab

Set to launch for Quest via App Lab on December 10, Art Studio VR lets you unleash your artist and paint on a virtual canvas in a quaint European-looking setup.

The big difference between Art Studio VR and other available (and upcoming) options is that the ability to paint on an imported 3D model, in addition to the standard flat canvas.  You can see footage of the 3D model painting in the embedded tweet below from Art Studio VR developer Daniel Santalla.

As expected, you can use a variety of different brushes, colors and finishes on your canvas or model, with JPEG and PNG export capabilities as well. To see more of the app in action, you can take a look at the trailer over on the title’s App Lab page.

art studio vr quest app lab

If you’re looking for other painting options on Quest, there’s quite a few.  Brushwork VR is a free WebXR solution with a surprising amount of features, while Painting VR is available on the Oculus Store and was recently updated with an updated UI and new features.

For something super realistic, Vermillion presents the most accurate translation of the oil painting process yet, but is only currently available on PC VR — a Quest release is in the works and set for release soon.

Art Studio VR launches on Quest via App Lab on December 10.

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